Monday, 8 May 2017


We are building a deck across the back of the house which will act as our retaining wall with 2 large bench seats/steps leading up to the back yard.

We will be using railway sleepers as our decking boards.

Craig has done framework for the base and will make framework for stairs once all timer ready.
He has added cement dust under deck to avoid having wet mud sitting under boards.

The boards have taken about and extra 4/6 weeks to be ready but we were able to collect 60% of the boards over the weekend and they look sensational.

We need to clear seal them before we start laying. The boards look amazing without seal I can't wait to see them sealed and laid.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017


The past 5 months have flown, we have enjoyed our First Christmas in our new home and are slowly making headway on the never ending to do list.

Driveway has been sealed and we painted the front pillars of the home to match the windows, garage and roof.

We had INVISI-GARD doors installed to all sliding doors and front door.

We have finally got 95% of our LHS side fence up. Still one side to do but until they commence building we will hold off.
It is great however to be able to walk into our bedroom without looking straight down into the neighbours home.

This week brings the removal of our tiles to all wet areas as the tiles were faulty.
So we have moved out of our bedroom whilst they demolish our ENS.
This is a cost to MJH not us.
It has been 5 months in the pipeline so I was rather relieved that this week finally arrived, however the replacement tiles that were sent we faulty as well so we have had to select a totally new tile for our home.

So hard having to choose tiles 18 months after your original selection. So many times I second guessed myself through the build so to have to choose new tiles within 1/2 hour was slightly stressful.

We have stuck with the same colouring just a different tile, hopefully it will all pull together ok, at least this time I only have to wait approx. 1 week to see.

Craig is on leave for the 2 weeks whilst MJH demolish and retile all our wet area floors so he is commencing the construction of our deck that will be across the entire back of our house and create our retaining wall with 2 large steps/bench seats.

Hopefully we can get our electrician back to do some more work , install fan to Main Bedroom, some down lights or pendant lights to ENS still not sure what I want, lights to front pillars and a few power points and down lights in other rooms.

The list feels like it will never end we still have 22 metre front yard to retain and landscape but I am living by the motto "good things come to those who wait"

Monday, 7 November 2016


We had our driveway poured last Wednesday. Cant wait to be able to drive into garage this week.
We have made driveway wide enough at top to park 3 cars wide. With 5 children all yet to get licences this will come in very handy as the years roll by.

We will have surfacing done in a month.

House is slowly coming together, next project is to finish backyard then start the mammoth task of our front yard.

Monday, 31 October 2016


Last week we had our driveway prepped ready for pour on Friday - unfortunately pour did not happen due to weather so we will reschedule for another day this week.

We also had some electrical work done over the weekend with our Kitchen Pendant lights and stair lights being installed as well as changing std power points out for ones with USB ports included.
With the addition of our stools our kitchen is complete and I think I am even more in love with it.

Looking forward to our driveway being poured next.

Monday, 24 October 2016


We have been in our beautiful home for almost 4 weeks now and are slowing marking things off the never ending list of TO DO's

Over the past few weekends we have been preparing the back yard to be grassed. (to eliminate the dirt and dust slightly)
My husband spent the full weekend last fortnight on the bobcat moving dirt and shaping the yard ready for top soil and grass. As the rear of our block is a rock shelf he moved the dirt to level off but keeping a fall to allow the water to flow into the drains and out the front.

The following week we had top soil delivered and he spent many afternoons out levelling off and spreading the top soil.

Friday saw the delivery of 250 sqr mtrs of grass and with an approaching storm we spent the last few hours of daylight after work laying the grass.
Very happy with our end result, its nice to look out and see green grass instead of constant dust storms and rock.

We will hopefully retain and deck from the back of the house to the retaining wall in the coming months.

Ordered our security doors so we can open up the back of our home and take advantage of the beautiful southerly's.



Just some photos of the tail end of our build pre handover.

Rear excavated section to be retained

Rock from rear of home.

REAR FENCE - DIY by amazing Husband

Interior Door Style

Main Bathroom


Main Bedroom Sliding doors

Thursday, 13 October 2016


We had our handover on Tuesday 27th September.
Still a few small tings to be rectified but nothing to stop us taking possession of our new home.

Handover basically took a little over an hour - we went over everything we had on our PCI list to mark off as done or note that still needs to be done.

A few paint issues were missed so painters had to come back to rectify.
Replacement kitchen cupboard and oven plinth still need to be replaced but is scheduled in for end of month.

We had removalists booked and on our doorstep the following morning at 7.30am and they were brilliant. They treated all our things with care and were all done by 11.30am.

Our kids were brilliant they rode to and from the old and new house loading and unpacking all morning. We had everything in and mostly unpacked by about 5pm that day.

Totally in love with our new home, love that our wonderful children all now have their own space and I finally have a kitchen that fits more then 2 people at a time.
Loved cooking our first meal in our new kitchen and even loved washing up.

Now the fun begins - we have some electrical work to do and a mass of landscaping.
Driveway booked for end of October and the hubby has been busy on the bobcat levelling and shaping the front and back yards.
Still to decide on window furnishing's but for now block out fabric does the job till I can make up my mind on what I want.

Will post more pic's as we settle in and finish each area.